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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2024

Are you planning to take the big leap and open your new gig in UAE this year? Then, what is stopping you from taking that brave step? Oh, give us a moment… Is it the fear of getting clients and being able to reach out to the common public? We are here for you and your efforts. Moreover, in 2024, you have got the amazing support of social media marketing – the ultimate pillar of reaching out to the public.

In a country where digital connectivity is exceptionally high, with over 98% internet penetration, leveraging social media is not just an option but a necessity. Social media platforms have become essential tools for businesses to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales. So, without any more delay, let’s go deep into the effective social media strategies that will help you bring your dreams to reality! Let’s get started with the social media marketing trends of 2024.

The Opportunity in Dubai’s Booming Social Media Landscape

Dubai, as the hub of social media within the Middle East, has a social media penetration rate of 98% of the UAE population. This is where marketers are presented with a huge opportunity. Nevertheless, 60% of UAE companies engage in social media marketing, and 70% of them are limited to Facebook and Instagram while ignoring YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok.


Total advertising expenditures for digital marketing in the UAE reached $900+ million in 2023, up from $2022 billion. It is expected that social media marketing will account for almost 30 percent of total digital advertising investments within the next two years. A lot of influencers dwell in Dubai, with Instagram influencers hitting the 100 million followers mark, thus giving the best-targeted audience. Social commerce is also expected to rise over six times to $3. 5 billion by 2024.


Markonik, the best social media agency, is ready to assist brands fill this void. Being on the ground in Dubai and with extensive experience in handling influencer and digital marketing, Markonik offers strategy, implementation, and analysis of campaigns. They use social listening, profile assessment, and data-backed content scheduling methods and blend organic growth with paid promotion. Markonik’s working relations with thousands of UAE influencers will guarantee cheap, impactful marketing collaborations to seize the value of Dubai’s social media.

What are the Trending Social Media Strategies in 2024?

Popularity of Visual Content

Visual content continues to dominate social media marketing techniques, such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube. All these platforms focus on concise, highly visual content that grabs the audience’s attention immediately and efficiently. In the UAE, brands, including Emirates Airlines, employ short, engaging, and epitomized videos on Instagram and YouTube that appeal to the target market via product narration and personal experiences.

Partnering With Influencers For Promotions

Influencer marketing has become even more popular and remains one of the key social media optimization strategies for many brands. Engagement with influencers helps brands have an increased audience reach as well as credibility. For instance, Namshi is a fashion brand based in the UAE that hires Instagram influencers to promote new collections, leveraging the influencers’ authenticity and influence to drive engagement and sales.

Live Product Launches and Real-Time Communication

The use of live video, especially for real-time interactions with audiences, has now become a necessity for brands. It allows the use of apps such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live to conduct Q&A sessions and product launches and produce behind-the-scenes content that would help enhance the company’s credibility. For example, live streaming of major events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival feature on social media to include real-time engagement.

Hashtag Campaigns Specific To Niches

Hashtags continue to be an essential component of corporate social media marketing trends 2024 due to their ability to enhance the visibility and interaction of posts. UAE brands are weaving branded hashtags to promote UGC and engage in trending discussions. As an example, #MyDubai is a campaign used by Dubai Tourism that lets residents and tourists share their experiences of the city with the aim of not only promoting the brand but also engaging people on various social networking sites.

Social Commerce Integration

The embedding of e-commerce within the social media handles is revolutionizing how companies market and sell their products online. Options that include Instagram shopping and Facebook marketplace enable users to search for and buy products within the application. Sephora Middle East, for example, uses the Instagram Shopping feature to highlight the products, make it easier to locate and buy them, and overall make the buying process as enjoyable as possible.

Customization of Content For Public

Personalized marketing is transforming content marketing by allowing brands to create and deliver highly relevant messages based on the user’s preferences and actions. For instance, noon. com employs artificial intelligence algorithms that help the site present user-relevant content and thus enhance the users’ stay on the site. There is a rising trend of AI integration into social media platforms in UAE for content filtering, responding to users’ requests, and generating insights, both beneficial for the businesses themselves and the users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation

AI has become the core of many social media marketing activities, ranging from advertising to customer relations. AI-integrated chatbots are increasingly being used to respond to customer inquiries and improve the general experience of the end-user. Other services, such as Emirates NBD, use artificial intelligence in the form of the Facebook Messenger chatbot to answer questions from customers proactively and 24/7.

Final Words

To thrive in 2024’s social media landscape, UAE businesses should adopt these ten strategies: visual storytelling, influencer marketing, live video, hashtag campaigns, social commerce, personalized content, AI-driven automation, cross-platform marketing, audience engagement, and retargeting ads. Embracing these trends will help build stronger connections, drive engagement, and achieve sustainable growth. For expert guidance, contact Innovative Flare to elevate your social media strategy.


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